Saturday, September 5, 2015

Foreseasons Twins: One Year - The First Quarter & Summer Recap

It was tough to keep up with the monthly posts this summer, so I decided I will do quarterly posts now that the boys have turned one.  So here is 13, 14 and 15 months - the first quarter after turning one years old, with a little bit of a summer recap mixed in.

Quick Milestone Update:  The boys are not just walking, they are running.  And running super fast, I tell you.  They still make me nervous on concrete as they stumble a lot and they've suffered a lot of bumps and bruises, but they don't give up that's for sure.  We switched to whole milk on June 8th, but kept it in their bottles and then we stopped the bottles and completely transitioned to sippy cups on June 12th.  So they were officially done with formula and bottles about two weeks after their first birthday.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be and man, it's great not to wash those stinkin bottles.  They are both great eaters so far, we buy a ton of fruit and cheese which are their faves.  They aren't real big meat eaters which is fine with us, they sure do like anything with noodles though.  Snacks of course, are always a favorite.  As far as sleeping goes, after a year we finally learned to put them to sleep entirely awake - it was always bottles and rocking prior to that.  If I miss anything about the baby stage, it's our nightly ritual of having them sit in our arms and take the bottle and then pass out.  Now we chase them to put on their pajamas, read 50 stories, watch them run around the house until someone runs out of gas and then call it a day and tuck them in bed.  Sleeping through the night is off and on.  We could have a really good stretch and then we can have a really bad stretch.  They had ear infections and colds this summer that I attribute poor sleeping too, then teeth and then finally just crying out for cuddles or because the paci is lost.  They are waving, giving high-fives, clapping, dancing, giving kisses and they really do seem to understand a ton.  Max's first word was "bye" and then "hi" and now "cup" and "more".  Jake hasn't said anything yet that is clear, but you can tell the wheels are spinning as he's always listening and watching.  Interestingly enough, one thing he does is always shouts out when we see dogs on our walks or in our books.  Both boys recognize a lot of animals in books and will try to mimic the sounds.  Both are constantly "talking" and shouting out, but not sure what it is they are saying.  Perhaps  it is twin-speak, no idea!?  They definitely say "Dada" but haven't said "Mama" yet!!  

13 Months
(climbing on the couch is a special treat)

14 Months
(night before Mommy's bday and Auntie Anna was babysitting)

15 Months at Scout Lake
(field trip with our nanny)

15 Mo. Doctor Appointment

All Max
Current Stats: 22 lbs / 31 inches tall

All Jake
Current Stats: 21.5 lbs / 32 inches tall

Morning with Dad, 12.5 Months

Afternoon cuddles with Mom, 13 Months

Father's Day - Lakefront Festival of the Arts

We spent 4th of July in Cedarburg.  We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa for two days, an event that will probably become an annual tradition.  Mommy and Daddy do a 5K run/walk the morning of the 4th and then we spend the day at the park eating, drinking, listening to music and visiting friends.  The boys had their curious mitts into everything, including the trifle dessert.  They were each caught red handed on separate occasions with their fists in it.  So busy and all over the place!

We've had lots of fun on our deck with our playhouse, water table & pool

 First time getting their own popsicle at Auntie Anna's.

We had lots of playdates this summer:  a slumber party with cousin Vance, picnics and parks with Lily & Liam, visits to the triplets, visit with Mommy's best friend Denise and her kids, trip to Racine zoo with Lily and Liam and pool days with the Aunties, Cousins and Grandparents and numerous trips to the park.  
Trip to the Museum, in the butterfly exhibit (another adventure with our nanny!)

We took a ton of wagon rides and have been learning to ride our bikes (indoors) this summer.
On days when I am off we could go for 2-3 wagon rides, it's so peaceful as the boys love it and they hardly make a peep!  Our wagon is probably our favorite thing!

Favorite Things: Books, books and more books!  Exploring and getting into mischief together, bath time, our bikes, playhouse, pool and water table, putting our shoes on to go outside, running around the house chasing each other, shutting doors, hiding in corners, looking out the window, climbing, banging, playing with megablocks, cars, trucks and balls, putting things inside things and then dumping them out, snacks - especially pretzels and graham crackers or anything that Mom or Dad are eating, our milk and sippy cups (dubbed our "coffee cups"), our paci wubbies, music and dancing - Max does his version of the twerk and Jake is more of a slow methodical bopper (right now our fave jams are wheels on the bus and the abc's), waving, clapping, playing and jumping around on the couches (a special treat), snuggle time when sleepy, being clapped for and receiving praise for a job well done, watching others kids and animals play; so many things, it's hard to list them all!

All that running around and exploring makes us very sleepy boys.  Still taking two naps a day.  We are still up making the donuts around 6:00 a.m. everyday and then napping around 9ish and 2ish on average.  Maybe we'll transition to one nap a day next quarter.  They still fall asleep in their strollers and in the car which is great.  Max has been found with his feet hanging out of the crib often.  

Fun things we did and explored as family - cousin Lily & Auntie Anna's luau birthday party, Daddy's first 10K run at Summerfest grounds, Garlic Fest in Walkers Point, Georgie Porgies ice cream & Sat night car show party, Farmer's Markets, East Side Summer Soulstice festival, Whole Foods and Milw Pubic Market food Strolling, Madison Farmers Market on the Square, Summerfest, Pool Days, Liam's Minion Bday Party and a Family Pool Party. 

Working part-time is still going great and I know I'm lucky to be able to spend this time with the boys.  They are just so much fun at this age and we are enjoying watching them learn new things and see their personalities develop.  It's true the days go by so fast.  Chris and I will be celebrating our 8 year anniversary this September, then I've got to start thinking about Halloween costumes, pumpkins and apple orchards with the boys and then creating warm holiday memories.  More firsts now that they are no longer babies that will be exciting to watch them experience!  Slow down time, slow down....but yet don't, as I don't want to wait either!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Foreseasons Twins: Day In The Life

So I've been reading "Day In The Life" entries over the years for some of the Mommy bloggers that I enjoy following.  Julia from My Life In Transition is one of them who had posted about this blogger round-up for your own Day In The Life entry.  I figured it would be a great way to time capsule an entire day so decided I was going to try logging one.  I figured I'd do one of my days off during the week which turned out to be last Friday.  The day I'm finishing up writing this, was one of our better days, I'd give the boys an A for a grade.  The day I actually recorded, I think I'd give a C-.  Some days are better than others that's for sure.  It's a long post, so here goes, if you make it to the end, thank you for reading!!

The date is Friday, July 10, 2015.
The boys are a bit more than 13.5 months old.
Chris is 39.  I am almost 38.
I'm working part-time at 3 days a week.
Max's injury meter for the day:  Too many to count! (If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know my son Max is the curious one, always getting himself into predicaments.  He is our little party-boy).  

10:20 p.m. / I finally put my phone down and go to sleep. Chris is already sleeping. Boys have been asleep since 8:00ish. 

12:30 a.m. / I wake up with back pain from sleeping on my side and slowly move to change positions.  I've had chronic back, neck and shoulder pain on and off since the pregnancy.  Part of it is carrying that huge belly, part of it is my stomach is shot from the c-section and lifting them all the time and finally I'm just plain out of shape I am realizing.  To alleviate the pain I have been starting my physical therapy exercises again from last fall and I'm seeing slight improvements.

2:20 a.m. / We wake up to Max crying, coughing and upset. Since I don't work in the morning I decide to get him and lay with him on the couch.  He had a cold for about two weeks and still has a pretty bad cough, so I had just taken him to the doctor to have his lungs and ears looked at and all looked good, but I'm still feeling sympathetic to his cries.  Out on the couch he isn't into cuddling anymore like we used to and keeps moving around a lot.  He is even talking at one point.  I love my snuggle time with these two so sometimes I don't quite mind the wakings, but tonight I am irritated since Max won't just go back to sleep with me. Time goes by and I open my eyes to look at him and he is just laying there with eyes open.  Such a party-boy...  I try to lay him on my chest like the old days and he cuddles up but not for long.  I decide to get us both up because I'm having heartburn and need to drink water. (I'm a real piece of work these days....geesh!).  It is 3:10.  I sit back on couch with him and cuddle him up against me. Now he seems comfortable and tired so I try to put him back to bed.  He goes right down and nestles in on his stomach. 

3:14 a.m. / I go back to bed. Chris wakes up and snuggles me in. 

5:30 a.m. / I wake up after having been stirring for a bit.  My mind always races on my days off and never lets me sleep in.  Chris is already up, in fact I think I heard him get up before 5.   I check the monitor and boys are still sleeping so I decide to lay in bed and answer texts from Tara last night (who is taking a Griswold family road trip) and check my 3 addictions: email, Instagram and Facebook.  I also start writing notes for this post. 

6:26 a.m. / I decide to get out of bed. Boys are still sleeping!  I go in their room to check on them so I can snap a picture.  Jake is laying awake and stirs once he feels me in there, so I pick him up. 

Jake and I go to the living room to say hi and get a kiss from Dad who was playing softball last night and wasn't home for bedtime. Max is up within minutes. Crying in his crib, but is fine once picked up. 

They both get new diapers and go into their highchairs for breakfast after some running around.  They always get cheerios to start and you better have them ready as soon as you put them in their highchairs.  Jake is always practically frantic for them and this morning is no different.  They also get chocolate chip banana bread, strawberries and blueberries. Max is shivering so we put socks on which he takes off within minutes.  As usual, they eat good but then Max starts whining.  I declare his breakfast over and start cleaning his tray.  Max always eats fast by shoveling his food in so I always clean up his side first and scoot him over to bother his brother in the meantime.  Sometimes he'll help him finish his breakfast too.  Win/Win for Max.

7:07 a.m. /  Breakfast is over and they are cleaned up and out of their highchairs.  They both run straight towards our open bedroom door and I can hear them ruffling in the blinds and dropping the toilet cover in the bathroom (something Jake does every time if it is up when he goes in, which is a good thing since Max will just stick his hand in it).  I try to rush to clean up before anyone gets themselves in trouble.  I just can't walk away from the kitchen until it is cleaned up, it's the Danny Tanner in me.   They run back and forth between the bedroom and kitchen while I clean up. There is some falling followed by some slight whining but they seem ok.  I finish sweeping and go to the  bedroom to see Max with the toilet paper roll in hand, I fight to get it back from him as he's got a good grip and the lead them both out of the bedroom into the living room to play.  At this point they are craving playtime attention so there is no getting anything else done for me.  Per usual, they both fight over space in my lap. 

7:20 a.m. / We wave goodbye too dad.  A morning fave for them.  

Back to playing.  Puzzles, their bike, cars.  

Next there is lots of whining because Max wants to drink my cappuccino and is crying big crocodile tears over it.  I tell Max to grab some books and say a line from his fave book so he knows what I'm talking about: "where is baby's belly button?".   This gets his attention and he runs over to find the book.  I read with Max while Jake plays with his bike and joins us off and on.  Max picks all the books and brings them to me making his cute little sound he makes when he wants me to read, turn on or open something for him.  He brings all his usual faves. We read the book 'Where is Baby's Belly Button' probably eight times a day, he loves flipping up the parts of the pages and they are all super worn and have been taped back together (because he also likes to rip them).  He likes to turn the pages in all the books and sometimes we get through a book, sometimes we skip around and sometimes he walks away during the middle to get a new one.  He bops his body to the singing of the Five Little Monkeys book. 

8:15 p.m.  / We take off for our morning walk in the wagon after destroying our bedroom while I try to get dressed (this morning it was taking all my shoes out of the closet).  Fighting over an empty battery carton that they snatched off a nightstand ensues.  I have to move fast because they are into everything and acting panicky and whiny, so I don't brush my teeth and I even run back into house while they are buckled in the wagon just to go the bathroom in peace without them at my feet and tossing tampons all over the bathroom floor in typical fashion.  On a fun note, they get so excited when I put their shoes on and start walking down the stairs and they realize we are going outside.

8:55 a.m. /  We get back from walk. I talk to Anna most of our walk as Liam is sick and we have to cancel our babysitting swap this weekend (we watch Fri night, she watches Sat night).  Such a bummer that I won't see Liam & Lily and we leave Sat night up in the air as Chris and I were super excited about a night out.  I let the boys crawl up the stairs and shut the gate, another new favorite thing of theirs. I pour milk in their cups and start talking to them about taking a nap soon.c We have some silly time for a bit and then I start saying the lines from our 'Fingers and Toes' book to Max, while tickling each body part like I do when we read it.  And then it's Jake who runs over to our books and brings back the 'Fingers and Toes' book!  I shriek at what a smart boy he is and then read the book twice, one time for each of them to tickle each body part as we read.  Jake has learned to do the peek a boo, close my eyes part but only comes close to covering his ears or face. 

9:15 a.m. / Both boys start to whine and climb on me for hugs so that signals it's nap time and I pick Jake up to walk to their room while Max follows.  Max is giddy to get in his crib.  I put them both in bed with their wubby, blanket and a book and wind up their giraffe and place it outside their door to soothe them to sleep.  I take a picture of the living room scene, not too messy yet. Although, they were in highchairs and on a walk most of the morning so not much opportunity to mess it up yet.  I would usually clean up but instead I decide to write notes from this morning and make the photo collages for this post.  I realize as I'm sitting down that there was no crying from either one of them and they went right to sleep. 

10:00 a.m. / My Mac computer gets some kind of virus message and locks up.  I decide now is the time to shower otherwise it will never get done.  I get ready and check work emails from the iPad.  

10:50 a.m. / Next I figure I'll tackle the computer virus since the boys are still sleeping.  I call the number on the pop-up, but something seems fishy so I hang up and call Apple Tech Support.  Sure enough it was some kind of scam.  Just as I'm starting to troubleshoot with the rep, Max is up so I go in to get him.  As usual, Jake always wakes upon feeling me enter the room.  I toss some puffs and sippy cups of milk on the floor along with the iPad and hope they can stay entertained enough while I get the computer working again with the Apple Rep.

11:15 a.m. / Time to eat lunch.  A little early today since we are meeting Daddy and my work friend Stacy downtown for lunch and going to Bastille Days.  Emptied out our leftovers today so they had a little bit of chix/rice/broccoli/cheese casserole and some chickpea salad with tomato and a dill dressing, also grapes and some crackers.  I sit and try to finish my makeup but they start to lose their minds towards the end (see bottom left).  Aww, thanks for being so patient guys.....

I clean up the kitchen quick and get them dressed as our goal is to be out the door by noon.  The boys are in their room while I'm cleaning and they shut the door.  I open it.  We will file this under: things that Max shouldn't have in his mouth, part 82 (their night light - my fault for not taking it out that morning).

12:05 p.m. / We are ready and on our way.  Before we leave I try to take a selfie of all of us, but Jake isn't having it.  Also, did I mention we got a mini-van?  I love my mom-van.  I pick up Chris and Stacy and we split up to get our lunch and then find a table to eat.  The boys eat some french fries and their usual puffs and cracker snacks.  We get some classic photos by the Eiffel Tower and I drop Chris back off at the office.  

1:30 p.m. / Instead of heading home I figure maybe we'll go to the lakefront and take a walk.  I drive towards the lakefront and look back and both boys are sleeping.  So forget that idea.  I take my time driving home trying to decide what to do as I know once we get home they'll wake grumpy and won't go back down right away.  

2:15 p.m. / I decide to take them straight out to the deck when we get home and fill up the water table.  Maybe an hour of play time outside will tire them out and I can put them down at 3:00ish for an hour nap.  They bounce back and forth between the water table, their play house and other toys.  Sometimes playing together and sometimes I have to break up the fighting.  Anna calls and says Liam is too sick and we'll have to indefinitely call off the babysitting for tomorrow night.  Big bummer, but that's reality and I want my buddy Liam to get better (side-bar: I asked our nanny to watch the boys so Chris and I did get our night out!).

3:00 p.m. / Boys are looking warm and a bee is flying around, so I decide to take them inside, let them climb up the stairs on their own,  then plan to change diapers, drink some milk and take a nap.

But first we all share a popsicle.  They act like vultures and are circling me for more bites and Max keeps stealing it back when it is Jake's turn.  They cry when it's all gone and even circle the trash can where I throw away the wrapper.  I give them a few crackers.  Max must have swallowed wrong as is coughing and then still trying to walk and takes a sideways dive off his feet and hits the floor.  

3:15 p.m. /  So I again declare it nap time and put the boys to bed.  I start to try to work on this post.  I keep hearing shrieks, crying, banging from their bedroom but leave them be.  

3:49 p.m. /  I hear them cracking up laughing at each other in cribs.  I try to be sneaky and take a picture.  Not a good idea as now Jake is crying after seeing me and then the picture was too dark anyways.  It was a cute moment as they were both standing in the corner of their cribs, facing each other and entertaining and laughing with each other about something.  

3:56 p.m. / Still crying and screaming.

4:04 p.m. / I irritatingly go in to see that they have both dropped their wubbies.  I raise my voice, give them their wubbies and try to lay them both back down.  Hysterical crying ensues.  I walk out, shut the door and crank the music on their giraffe again.  Big screams.  Minutes later,  Quiet.  Wait, now Max is crying.  Ok, now they are both laughing again.  What a couple of Jekyll and Hydes?!

4:19 p.m. / Tons of screaming and crying.  My guess is they both dropped their wubbies again as a tactic to get me in there.  

4:28 p.m. / I throw in the towel on typing this post and consider nap time a big fat fail.  I take them out of their cribs and try to rock with them.  Neither is having it.  Jake is literally walking around the house screaming his head off.  It is straight up crazy town inside our house, so I decide a stroller ride will help.  I ask if they want to go outside which Jake is obviously starting to understand, but as I'm gathering up things to go he is following me around the house screaming as obviously he thinks I'm lying to him.  Lol.  I  decide to forego their shoes and their shorts and pick them both up.  Once I do, they are smiles as they realize we are going down the stairs.  However I set Jake down in the laundry room to put on my shoes and that made him angry since we were not outside yet.  I open the door to the garage, but I shut the garage door so that he cannot run down the driveway on me because I need time to take the stroller out of the car.  Well this upsets him off big time and he was bloodcurdling screaming while I tried to get the stroller out and up.  I haven't heard him scream like that since the newborn days!  I toss them both in the stroller and hit the neighborhood.  

Both are quiet for the half hour walk, but never fall asleep.  When we get home, we go back to the deck to play.  This time bubbles is the obsession.

We try to take some selfies.  Jake eventually starts crying and then Max gets himself into several predicaments; he gets his leg caught in the lawnmower toy, bumps his head on the stairs under the deck and then chokes on the bubble cap.  I decide that's it on the deck and head inside with them.  

5:30 p.m. / Both boys are definitely hungry (and tired) so are extra moody.  Back into the highchairs to eat again.  Chris gets home right as they are starting to eat.  I'm almost embarrassed to write how much they ate during dinner as I am still baffled.  Today's dinnertime is stressful because as we are trying to get our dinner ready, they keep crying out for more food and I am rushing to find things for them to eat and can not even keep up with how fast they are eating.  We started with pizza and sweet potato bites.  Throw in some grapes.  Then more grapes.  Then I heat up some leftover beans that Chris and I were going to eat with dinner.  They love these and are crying out for more, I end up heating up 3 different portions.  Still hungry.  I give them some of their precious gerber cheeto puffs. They finish off the grapes.  Then finally cottage cheese.  This they like to try to feed to themselves.  And so yes, dinner ended up super messy, but that's ok because it was bath night.  Too bad I don't have an after pic, as this picture was early on!

6:30 p.m. / Chris and I eat our dinner quick amongst their crying and then I get up and start their baths as I decide I'm calling it on the day and it is bath time and then bed.  Bath time is usually their favorite and although Max was enjoying himself, Jake's mood was hot and cold.  Lol.  Overtired at this point.
We get out of the bath and Chris takes Jake to try to keep him happy.  He stays cuddled in his towel in Chris' arms for awhile and is very calm.  Like a new man.  Story time and then some play time (even though I had said it was going to be bed-time).

Usually at this time of night they start to play independently and are always so cute and well behaved.  Like they can sense it's bedtime so they are being extra sweet in order to prolong it.  They do the same tonight, so we let them play.  This lasts maybe 20 minutes and then this time it is little Max that is going bananas.  Poor Peanut is just crying and too tired to even know why.  So it's bedtime.  

I had to include the picture below with Max's beer gut hanging out.  Classic Max.

7:40 p.m. / Boys are put to bed and I don't look back.  Haha.  Not too many pictures of bedtime as we'll just say that it wasn't as pleasant as it usually is.  I think the boys were way overtired and were having a tough time calming themselves down.  They do go right to sleep though.  Such a bummer way to end the day, but tomorrow we can start all over.

Chris goes to get strawberry shortcake sundaes from Georgie Porgies.  I continue working on this post.  We mull over what to do about our Sat night plans and decide to keep them and ask Ammy to babysit.  Chris decides to watch TV in the basement and comes up at 9:15 for bed.  At 9:30 I'm in bed also.  At 10:00 I put my phone down and I drift off to sleep.  No wakings this night from the boys!!

Like I said earlier, not my favorite day to have to record, but that's the gig sometimes.  I consider it my fault since their nap time got goofed up and the poor guys just never got a chance to recover today.  

I'm always learning and am a work in progress Mommy.  Thanks for keeping me on my toes boys!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Foreseasons Twins: 1st Birthday Party

Hot Dog!  I've been meaning to write the boys' birthday party post all month.  We had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed party since that is their favorite show that catches their attention.  We didn't go too overboard on the theme or the party since it seems the birthday kid is always overwhelmed at their first party so I figured I might as well wait and do that someday when they can really enjoy it.  They turned one Memorial Day weekend so we kept it small and invited just immediate family, while mentioning to our Nanny, Ammy and a few friends that they could stop by for the BBQ if they were free.  The weather that day was PERFECT, so we were able to have an outdoor party which is what we wanted.

The boys were pretty predictable, Max relished in the party scene and Jake was a bit more hesitant and shy.  I made them each large cupcakes that we borrowed from cousin Lily (took Mommy 3 tries to make the cakes and Jake's is held together by frosting).  And I bought their 'One' shirts with the Mickey Mouse ears off Etsy.  

For food we made tiny fruit pizzas on Nilla Wafers, Fiesta Ranch Dip with Fritos, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Hot Dogs, Brats and Cupcakes (store bought).  I bought little Mickey Mouse ears with the number 1 and their initials on them for the cupcakes off of Etsy and some decorations from Target.

I framed a bunch of pictures of them and then I ended up making my version of the chalk board-like 'About Me' birthday signs for each boy rather than paying $25 for the template on Etsy.

Instead of singing Happy Birthday we played the Hot Dog song and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song as the boys had their cakes in front of them.  Leading up to the party I thought for sure I would cry during the cake as I would practically start crying thinking about it, but surprisingly I didn't.  The day was just so busy that I guess I didn't really have time to get emotional.  I also think that since we didn't sing the Happy Birthday song (which is usually what can get me choked up), that helped to keep the tears at bay.  

Max dug right into the cake like we knew he would, sticking his whole arm in it and smiling and yucking it up for the camera.  Afterwards, he went straight up with Daddy for a bath.

Jake didn't care for all that attention and was fussing so I ended up taking him out of his high chair.   Once he was sitting with me he tried digging into the cake.

They got a ton of new toys (water table, picnic table, lawn mower, b-ball hoop, soccer net, kiddie pool), so I'd say we are set for a few years in the yard toy department.  It was a great afternoon spent playing with their cousins as well.  I love the pics of all of them at the picnic table.

We've Got Ears, Say Cheers!!  We love you Jake and Max!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Foreseasons Twins - 12 Months!!

Well, one year.  We did it.  We made it.  I think we both agree it was the hardest year of our lives and the best year of our lives.  

The boys had their birthday party on a perfect, sunny day with family (separate blog post to come) and then we spent the next day, their actual birthday just relaxing at home.  

The pics below were actually taken the day after their first birthday, wearing the bow-ties that they wore for their baptism.  I had a vision of what I wanted these pics to be, but that hardly happened as they wouldn't sit still for anything.  I also wanted to take a picture of them holding the pic of the embryos that we hoped and prayed would become our little babies someday (and did), but that didn't work either, so it just quietly sits in the background of some pics.  Jake looks pretty fresh with his new haircut, but overall they look like a couple of dorky goobers in those bow-ties.  lol.  

Jake Highlights:
Weight 20 lbs 12.5 oz (40%)
Height 31 inches (85%)

Big Jake started walking this past month, just a few days after turning 11 months (on 04/30).  It was on a weeknight when we were all hanging out in the living room and he took a few stumbly steps.   After that he has taken off, always putting his arms out in front of him when he walks, it's so darn cute.  Since they were both learning to walk this past month, our nights usually consisted of the two of them walking back and forth between us, stumbling, falling or successfully making it.  One night, each time that Max would stumble and fall, Jake thought it was the funniest thing ever and would laugh and laugh this big belly laugh.  It was contagious.  

Jake still has the six teeth, 4 on top and 2 on bottom.  He is using words like "Da", "Da Da Da" and "Mah Mah".  He will talk and shout a lot always looking around to see if people are understanding him.  He says "ma ma" sounds, but only when he is whining and wants mommy to do something for him or pick him up.  Otherwise, if we try to prod him to repeat "ma ma", he'll usually say "da da".  Both boys do that!

His fave foods are cheerios, blueberries, gerber puffs & crunchies, yogurt and treats.  He is a methodical eater and will eat all of his small favorite foods before he'll even touch the other food on his tray.  (His Dad also used to eat like this somewhat in that he always ate one food group at a time, never together).   He also loves watching his sippy cup get filled with water and will giggle every time in excitement.  The kid would eat gerber puffs and cheerios all day if we let him.

Jake can play pretty independently and is working on learning to play with his brother.  We have been experiencing some sharing problems over here which is probably just the start of it.  He is still sleeping very good, all through the night but is usually an early riser.  We get tears at bedtime and nap time but he can usually quiet himself down pretty quickly once he realizes he's tired and that sleep is happening.  He is still very much a mama's boy and leaving for work in the mornings is getting louder with frantic crying as I try to leave, but he calms down quickly after.

Other cute things worth mentioning:  We were honored to become cousin Vance's Godparents this month and during his baptism, Jake sat with my parents and didn't make a peep, reading the bible and just sitting silent & still the whole time.  Future alter boy, perhaps?  He also loves his cousin Liam and practically tried to jump on his back that night at Vance's celebration excited to play with him.  

He's definitely a gentle soul as any kind of noise or movement that startles him will get him upset. They both will do this actually, but especially when they are getting into mischief and it goes badly (like something drops or falls), this will scare the crap out of them and have them both screaming in tears.  My warning to them when this is happening lately is: "this is going to end badly for one or both of you and then instead of having fun exploring we are going to be crying".

The wheels are always turning with Jake, observing and learning, so he'll always have this intent stare when he is checking you out.  I always catch him doing this when I'm putting on my makeup on workdays at the kitchen table.  He's probably wondering what the heck I'm doing and where I think I'm going!  Other cute habits are that he criss-crosses his feet a lot when he sits, rubs his hands on his thighs a lot when he sits and he is definitely our giggle bunny.  Loves to laugh.  He is a good snuggler and will put his head on your shoulder then tuck his arms under his chest and puff his butt up.  He'll also do this on the floor when he just needs a quick break, or sometimes he'll just take a quick break from playing to come up for a quick hug or snuggle then get right back to it.   

Max Highlights:

Weight 20 lbs 12.5 oz (40%)
Height 29 inches (15%)

Max is walking like a champ.  It is the funniest thing to watch him wander around the house.  One day he just came walking out of the bathroom so nonchalantly like he'd just used the toilet or something and it just cracked me up.  Another day we were in the bedroom getting ready and Chris opened the door and there Max was with the push walker and he just pounced and came cruising in the bedroom with the walker practically on two wheels.  His legs are a bit "bowed" which we were worried about but the Dr. said it didn't worry her yet and to give it some time.  Apparently they don't do Forrest Gump like braces these days which I was happy to hear.

Max is a busy-body.  Enough said.  Ammy said some days they will be sitting in the living room, the 3 of them and Max will get up and wander away, she'll hear some crashing and noises and talking and then he'll just wander back and sit down back in his spot.  If there is a small space he can crawl into, something small on the ground he can put in his mouth, anything, he'll find it.  I've caught him with toilet paper, rocks and a battery (I know, bad) in his mouth.  

The dude can eat and there is no dainty pincer grasp with him either.  No, he'd prefer to use his entire fist as a shovel.  Food disappears on his tray faster than we can put it there.  Although this makes him a messy eater as his aim is 50/50 and some food hits his mouth and the other half is usually under his butt in the high chair.  He still has his favorite foods like his brother, blueberries, cheerios, gerber puffs, etc.  But he'll really eat anything we put in front of him.  He has less of a sweet tooth than Jake and is more our savory eater we think.  

Max has 7 teeth total.  This month he got another 2 teeth on the bottom and 1 on the top.  Explains all of his waking in the middle of the night.  You read it right that he is the same weight as his brother too.  All of that eating has given Max a potbelly (he is built like his Mother) and that must have helped on the scale this month.  They even weighed Jake again to be sure his weight was right as couldn't believe it was the same, their body mass just looks so different.  Especially since Max is our little peanut as is 2 inches shorter than Jake.  The height difference doesn't matter to Max since he is a scrappy guy and can hold his own.

Max just started pointing this month, no idea really what he is pointing at, but he has learned it!  He has pretty much has the same vocabulary as Jake:  "Da" is his most used word, and "da da da" is used when he is exploring and investigating something, learning something new, pointing at something, etc.  Not really saying much for "Ma Ma" sounds yet.

They are still doing pretty good playing together and going everywhere together.  Although the fighting over the toys is in full swing.  Even toys where we have multiples.  Of course, once we locate the second toy, then the other one has no interest in it!  In the pics below they are playing with their new legos from Great Aunt Marsha and Tom and their new toy from Ammy.  Still loving their laundry basket "boat" rides too.  
In the next set of pics they were playing outside on the deck one day, they sure love being outside and they giggle in excitement when we walk down the stairs and they realize this is where we are headed.  They received tons of outdoor play items for their birthday so we will be busy outside this summer.

One day we went rummaging with Grandma and Grandpa in Cedarburg and the got to play with all their new toys in their backyard.

If I'm trying to brush my teeth or get dressed in the morning they are at my door like puppies, running in the second I open it.  It's amazing how quickly they get into things too.  In the one pic below they had been rummaging around in my bathroom cupboard while I brushed my teeth and upon investigating I saw they had knocked over all of the Q-tips inside it and then there they sat with tampons in each of their mouths.  Lovely!
Here we are at our first walk at the lakefront this year.  Then playing the piano at Grandma and Grandpa F's house.  Also cheap entertainment playing in our homemade fort at home.  Then food strolling at the Greenfield Farmer's Market and stopping to eat in the grass field in the center of it.  
They are always wrestling and climbing on each other.  Sometimes it's par for the course it doesn't bother the one being piled on and sometimes it brings them to tears.  It really just depends on their mood.  In the bottom pic, they are eating their gerber puff snacks off the floor.  Like puppies, they can hear the sound of the plastic can and the snacks inside and when I drop some on the floor, they run towards it, grabbing it by the fistfuls and shoving it in their mouths.  The other bottom pic shows Jake in the bath and Max practically jumping in.

They LOVE the bathroom and bath time and the other one tries their hardest to patiently wait their turn outside the tub, always bouncing or trying to grab at things in excitement.  This set of pictures cracks me up the most this month, especially the bath pic.  Jake must have been thinking, can't a guy take a bath in peace, Max?!  Hard to get some alone time when you are a twin I guess.
Other things we did this month:  Lakefront exercise and smoothies at Collectivo with Grandma and Grandpa F.  Visiting Grandma and Grandpa D. in Janesville and playing at Camden Park.  I love that picture of Maximilian Gordon sitting with his Grandpa Gordon.  And then walking a 5K in Oak Creek with Mommy while Daddy ran it.  

We took our maiden voyage in our wagon that we got for Christmas with cousins Liam and Lily.  Love how adoring they are looking at Liam here.  He also babysat with Auntie Anna one night and the boys were so mesmerized by him, watching his every move.  

We drove to a suburb of Chicago one day to visit our friends the triplets.  Did great on the car ride, sleeping both ways and had fun walking around with them with their walkers and playing in their big box fort.  

We celebrated Mother's Day by making a brunch at home and unfortunately spent it inside due to weather.  However, they woke real early that morning and Mommy took them straight to the recliner where they both fell back asleep for another hour.  It was a great Mommy moment for me to get to rock them like that again together just like when they were babies, especially on Mother's Day.

Finally, we celebrated Daddy's birthday with a pancake breakfast (see the little photo bomber in the pancake picture.....that would be Max who also killed those pancakes that day, even after already having a breakfast of his own earlier) and then we spent the day at the lakefront.  Later that night Mommy and Daddy got to eat at one of their favorite restaurants, Pastiche while we had Ammy come babysit.  Much needed!

Since I like to keep track of things to look back on someday, I wanted to make note of the boys schedule up until this point.  

They are little donut makers and wake up at the crack of dawn.  We call this "time to make the donuts".  We do not get them out of their cribs  until 6:00 a.m., so sometimes they spent the time before just talking and playing in their cribs, sometimes whining. They eat breakfast between 6:00-6:30.  Then a 4 oz bottle at 8:00.  Nap by 9:00 until usually 10:30.  Then a 6 oz bottle at 11:00 with some puffs for a snack.  Lunch around 1:00.  Followed by an afternoon nap sometime between 1:00 and 3:00 for maybe another 1.5 hour.  The afternoon nap is still is not on a schedule.  Then another 6 oz bottle when they wake from the afternoon nap.  Dinner at 5:30-6:00 and then a 7 oz bottle at 7:00.  Bedtime is 7:30.

At the 12 month birthday appointment the boys received their latest shots and we received the green light to replace the bottles of formula with sippy cups of whole milk.  So we are chipping away at this new change and the last week has been a bit tough on the boys with both the after effects of the shots, getting used to the milk and now I think we are getting more teeth.  So overall still working on a new "schedule" and adjusting to change.  

My biggest lessons learned in their first year:  Learn to let things be unpredictable because just when you think you are getting something down, they will throw you for a loop and things change!!!  Another is:  It really did get easier after those newborn months, just like everyone said it would. 

 Happy one year to my baby boys.  Still can't believe that you're ours and that we get to keep you. I get excited to see your faces every morning even when you wake up early to make the donuts.   I am sure it is a feeling that will never grow old.